Shandong C.I.R.S. GARMENTS CO., LTD

    The main products of Shandong C.I.R.Sgarments CO.,LTD   are protectiveclothing,GORE-TEX functional clothing,fire protection,public security, railwayuniforms, waterproof and flame retardant reflective labor protection clothingand masks and so on 。

    Theregistered capital of the company is 108 million yuan. The company covers anarea of 40,000 square meters, of which 1,080 square meters are 100,000 levelpurification workshops.Company is located in Mishui industrial park of GaomiCity with strong cultural background and convenient transportation and hasmodern office building and 100,000 level purification workshops,as well asproduction workshop air purification equipment、partition, ceilingand men's and women's dressing room, lighting ,clean air supply (FFU),campoutside line sterilization, flat mask machine production line, etc., bright andtransparent staff canteen, fully demonstrating the vitality of the high-qualityteam strength.

  山东赛斯服装制品有限公司主要产品为防护服、GORE-TEX功能服、消防、公安、铁道制服、防 水阻燃反光劳保服及口罩等。

     公司注册资本10800万元。公司占地面积40000平 方米,其中1080平方米为十万级净化车间,公司坐 落于文化底蕴浓厚、交通便利的高密市密水工业园内,拥有现代化的办公大楼和十万级净化车间,以及生产车间空气净化设备、隔断、吊顶及男女更衣间、洁净供风(FFU)、照明、营外线灭菌、平面口罩机生产线等,明亮通透的员工食堂,充分展示了生机勃勃,富有生命力的高素质团队的雄厚实力。