Will there still be a shortage of masks and protective clothing this year?


UHMWPEUltrahigh molecular weight polyethyleneartificial joints,biomedical separation membrane materials, poly (lactic acid) polymer slices...On the afternoon of October 15, a group of "science and engineeringmen" with cold and strict logic talked about difficult medical terms andhigh-end medical technologies in the industrial transfer series and biomedicalmaterials special subject docking activity in Zhengzhou, China 2020. In fact,they aimed to the warmest,most considerate health and well-being of the wholepeople.

Asone of the most important sub-area of the pharmaceutical industry, medicaldevices are on the frontline of the fight against the epidemic." ChenDafu, the master tutor of Beijing Jishuitan Hospital, believes that theepidemic will bring opportunities for the development of the medical deviceindustry in the short term and the long term. At present, the medical deviceindustry is also facing obstacles such as insufficient funds and shortage oftalents.

Biomedicalmaterials special subject docking activity was born and held for the first timedue to the current situation. The activity focuses on biomedical materials andinvites personnel of leading enterprises, scientific research institutes,industry associations and universities to participate and carry out industrialtransfer negotiation and cooperation, as well as production study-research andupstream and downstream connection of industrial chain, so as to promote theconstruction of demonstration platform for national biological applicationmaterials production application,expand and strengthen the biomedical materialsindustry in our province.

In the future, the application of biomedicalmaterials will be more extensive, and the market potential is huge. We shouldtake biomedical and high-performance medical device materials as new materialsof urgent need of breakthroughs,make key breakthroughs,and enhance the localsecurity capacity." Chen Kaimin, deputy director-general of the Rawmaterial industry of Industry and Information Technology   Department said.

Data show that more than 90% of high-techbiomedical materials and products rely on imports, and the field of biomedicaland high-performance medical devices has been listed as a major key developmentfield by the state. demonstration platform for national biological applicationmaterials production application was also born under this background.

Theplatform is led by Yuqi Tuoren Holding Group and jointly built with leading enterprisesin the upstream and downstream of the domestic industry. The total capital ofthe project is 405 million yuan, including eight tasks such as functionaldressing materials and thermoplastic elastomer infusion equipment. "Thesignificance of the project is to accelerate the localization and large-scaleproduction of medical-grade key raw materials, solve the problem of key rawmaterials for neck clamp, and break the foreign monopoly." Dr. WangGuofeng, President of Advanced Medical Materials Division of Tuoren HoldingGroup, introduced. Up to now, the project has completed the industrializationbreakthrough of three materials, including developing polyurethane materialsfor medical use. By the end of this year, it is expected to complete 51.12% ofthe whole project.